About Us

Whakatotoro ngā huarahi pai ake hei whakatipu whānau Hauora
Offering better solutions for building healthy whānau.

Pai Ake Solutions is a Limited Liability Company and was established in Morrinsville by Richie Cribb and Mihaka Hohua in 2002 as a service provider to organisations requiring policy and practice advice to effectively deliver their social, educational and justice services to Māori clients. Over a period of several years Pai Ake Solutions has moved its focus from providing solutions to “mainstream” organisations to becoming a provider of individual, whānau and community solutions for well being.

Now based in Hamilton, Pai Ake Solutions offers opportunities to whānau to begin their journey towards wellness and guide their way to achieving their goals and aspirations. Pai Ake Solutions staff work outside the square to support whānau (family) to rekindle their Mana (power) and make positive decisions within their whānau, with their whānau.

Pai Ake Solutions’ uses a fluid approach to find creatively developed solutions to suit each whānau. This often involves stepping outside the square, recognising the wholeness of an individual - physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and understands that although society focuses heavily on the physical aspect, all four elements make up a well person. Pai Ake Solutions walks alongside whānau to re-connect with their Mana and plan for their own journey to well being. Pai Ake Solutions staff has a strong spiritual drive to support whānau.

Pai Ake Solutions have a range of experience and qualified staff from a range of genders, sexuality and cultures. Pai Ake Solutions staff have training and experience in counselling, clinical psychology, facilitation, health promotion, project management, research, social work, art therapy and management.

Te Niho O Hauora
The Healing of the Sharks Tooth