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July 2016

Te Ara Wahine

Te Ara Wahine - The Womens Journey is back! Providing women with the tools to look at issues specific for women, their wellbeing, their roles and positive future growth within themselves, their whānau and their communities. Te Ara Wahine - The Journey of Women shares stories and experiences to validate and increase awareness and understanding of how we got to be where we are, and why we do some of the things we do.

In exploring and understanding both the positive and negative aspects of our journeys participants are able to create an identity for ourselves, instilling positive lessons/ traits and allows us to decrease the negative aspects that have been our stumbling blocks or repeated patterns of behaving that no longer serve us well. Te Ara Wahine - The Journey of Women is about empowering through understanding and creating a space to look at positive possibilities for the future.

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July 2015


Sometimes we need a little fun in our lives to rejuvenate and appreciate each other and the work we do for whānau. Was an afternoon of fun food and time as a team...